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Don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to keep the same name when I moved from BlogSpot.  A dear friend mentioned they liked the name “Busy With Blessings” better than “Living A Learning Lifestyle”.  Well, that got me to thinking…  I could have just moved over to Word Press with out changing my name.  So here I am now, back to the world of blogging about the many ways my family stays busy with our blessings. I’m sure it will take me a while to move my info over…  For now I’ll keep both sites open.  Please click on over and visit me at


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Welcome to Living A Learning Lifestyle,
the blog where I share our homeschooling journey of attempting to do just that!
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All posts here are organized by month or liturgical season. If you are searching for posts on a specific topic, click on the appropriate tab beneath the blog banner and scroll through all the related projects, resources, and reflections you’ll find there.
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