The Jesse Tree

~Jesus’ Family Tree~

A couple of years ago we started reading The Jesse Tree by Geraldine McCaughrean on the first Sunday of Advent.  It quickly became a favorite and was added to our Advent traditions.

The Jesse Tree

Last year dad built a little tree for us from branches gathered from our woods. He sawed out the wooden circles “ornaments” using a doorknob drill bit.  The kids and I then traced the circles onto manila folders and cut them out.  Images were drawn to represent the stories for each day and were glued to the fronts of the ornaments.  The kids then took turns hanging the ornaments on the tree each day as we read the stories.


We also added the bible verses of the stories to the backs of the ornaments.


“Jesse trees were the Bible-story books of unlettered people.  A priest could point to the figures or symbols and tell the stories of those Old Testament kings, prophets, heroines, warriors.  And the tree itself served to show how the New Testament grew out of the Old Testament; how, for Christians, the birth of Jesus was not just a beginning, but a completion.  He was the flowering tree planted long before, God’s own design.”

Advent Book Basket

~ 2011 ~

Advent Week 1 – The Hope Basket

I’ve just finished wrapping our books for this first week of Advent.
This week we focus on Hope.  Our hope in Christ and how we can spread this hope everywhere we go – especially at home.  Tonight we will light one candle for hope, one bright candle for hope,
He brings Hope to everyone, He comes, He comes.
We will also unwrap the first book and start on our reading adventure as we prepare to celebrate the coming of our Lord this Christmas.
 The Jesse Tree
Little Bunny Finds Christmas
The Tale of the Three Trees
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Advent Stoybook, 24 Stories to share before Christmas
The Cobweb Curtain
The Legend of the Candy Cane

You can find lots more Advent reading inspiration here, here and here.
Hope your week is filled with HOPE

Second Week of Advent ~ The Peace Basket

These are the books waiting to be opened this second week of Advent.
Let There Be Peace on Earth
(I thank the Lord for another year of life.  I pray that I may be an instrument of His peace always.)
Saint Francis Celebrates Christmas
Saint Nicholas, The Real Story of the Christmas Legend
The Christmas Candle
Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Pablo’s Christmas
The Night of Las Posadas
We are all enjoying this new little tradition of opening a new book to read each day/night.
May your second week of Advent be blessed with Peace!

Third  Week of Advent ~ A Basket of Joy ~

This third week of Advent is a Joyful one.  We are getting closer to the celebration of our Lord’s birth!
This weeks basket is full of pretty pink wrapped books waiting to be enjoyed.
The Baker’s Dozen
The Lady of Guadalupe
Hanna’s Christmas
The Legend of the Poinsettia
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
Night Tree
The Candle in the Window
Light one candle for Joy,
One bright candle for Joy.
He brings Joy to every heart
He comes!

Fourth Week of Advent ~ An O Antiphon Basket of Love ~

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things!
This year we get a full fourth week of Advent to focus on sharing Love.

These are the books wrapped and waiting to be opened after dinner each night this week.

 The Candle in the Window
A Christmas Gift for Mama
The Clown of God
The Christmas Cobwebs
The Little Fir Tree
 Mortimer’s Christmas Manger
The Donkey’s Dream
Christmas Eve
The Christmas Story

Light one candle for love,
One bright candle for love.
He brings Love to every heart,
He comes!  He comes!

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