Today is the feast of Saint George, patron saint of England. It’s also William Shakespeare’s birthday. Therefore, we had an English tea this morning. The girls enjoyed setting the table, while Honeybee and Buck helped me prepare scones. As we enjoyed our tea and scones, Snuggle Bug shared some Emily Dickinson and House Cat read some of our favorite Shakespeare Sonnets.

The scones turned out delicious! This is the recipe we used.

Yummy jams and jellies.
Tea Time!

As the House Cat read Sonnet 116, Buck spoke up and said, “Hey that’s from Sense and Sensibility!”
Once we were finished in the kitchen, we moved out front for Saint George and the Dragon. Buck was ready with his knights and horses. The dragon is still hiding from us, somewhere…
Oh, and here’s a weapon he made while the scones were cooking. How’s that for a catapult?
That mean old dragon better watch out!!! (Notice the ball of dough on the handle? It shoots pretty far 🙂
Saint George was believed to be born in Palestine and was a Roman soldier. He helped spread the Christian faith to modern day Iran. He visited Britain and is most well know for his legendary slaying of a dragon. In 1415 he was named patron saint of England. Crusaders adopted his red cross on a white background and is still part of the British flag today. Enchanted learning has a British flag to print and color with explanations of the colors and crosses used. I didn’t realize the flag of the UK is a combination of the flags of England (the cross of St. George), Scotland (the cross of St. Andrew), and Ireland (the cross of St. Patrick). I should have paid better attention in history class 🙂 Another wonderful benefit of homeschooling – learning things you should already know. I love it and my wonderful family! Thank you God.


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