All Saints Day


Today we celebrate all those who have made it to heaven, which of course is our ultimate goal.  Inspired by this theme, I came up with this game.
Score the Ultimate Goal ~
We made halos out of sparkly pipe cleaners and did our best to score the goal of heaven.
Buck helped to make our ~ Knock Out Sin Game
He made these little signs for the punching bag showing things we should try to stop doing.
We also blew up lots of balloons and played
St. Sebastian’s Volleyball.
We hit them back and forth to one another and talked about how we are here to help pick each other up when we are down.  And of course how the Saints in Heaven are always ready to pray for us.
I loved our Saints Bingo game ~
Jessica created these using pics from one of our favorite Saint books.
Thanks so much for sharing these Jessica!
The House Cat was the winner.
We also carved our Saint O’ Lanterns today.
Buck and Snuggle Bug chose
St. James’s cross
Honeybee and The Housecat carved
St. Clare’s Monstrance
Snuggle Bug and I made Caramel Apples for dessert
Yum!  I can’t wait for supper!
I loved hearing Honeybee singing ~
I’m growing with the Saints
To be the best that I can be.
I’m growing with the Saints,
Won’t you grow along with me?
Hope you had a wonderful day too!
All Ye Saints of God ~ Pray For Us!

~ All Saints Party 2011~

We all enjoyed our  homeschool groups yearly All Saints Party.
Snuggle Bug went  dressed as St. Cecilia and helped at the St.  Gabriel Cookie Decorating table.
The Housecat as St. Gemma Galgani, helped out at St. Maria Goretti’s Face/Hand Painting table.  Honeybee, already out of her costume as St. Perpetua, had a cross painted on her hand.
Buck was St. Sebastian, the patron saint of athletes.
It was great catching up with old friends and making new ones too.

  ~All Saints Day Party 2009~

Buck as St. Joseph the Carpenter

~Yummy Treats~

Heavenly Haystacks

~Saint-O-Lanterns ~

The Holy Spirit ~Dove~
Christian Symbols ~ The Cross and Fish~
The Church and Christmas Star and The Holy Eucharist
Pro Life


~Crafts and Games ~

Blessed Mother Fans

Snuggle Bug’s

David and Goliath Bean Bag Toss

Honeybee as “The Queen of All Saints”

Strike Away Those Sins!
Saint Martha’s Cookies

Honeybee and a friend icing and decorating Donkey shaped cookies 🙂
Snuggle Bug’s Yummy “friend”

We all had a wonderful time. It was great to see so many of our home schooling friends. We missed those who weren’t able to make it.

Hope you all enjoyed your All Saint’s Day Celebrations!

~ 2008 ~

All Saint’s Day

Thanks Eileen on Him for sharing the inspiration to surprise the kids with decorations. Seeing their faces light up was such a gift.We had quite a feast!
Saintly Subs and Sides ~

We had an awesome ALL Saints Day! This year our homeschool group wasn’t able to meet for our annual party so we had our own at home. Dad and I were so impressed with the kids work on their costumes and games. We enjoyed The Bountiful Bakery ran by St.Anne(Honeybee), St. Andrew’s Fishing by St. Andrew(Buck), Armor Yourself With God by St. Joan of Arc(Snuggle Bug) and St. Cecilia’s Angel Craft Corner By St. Cecilia(The House Cat). We had WAY too much food, but were happy to take and share at church this morning:) Hope you had a blessed day as well.

~ NOV 2nd ~

All Soul’s Day


Copywork by Snuggle Bug

We are praying for all of our deceased loved ones this month.
May God bless us all with His peace and grace.

~Visit the Thanksgiving page~

~ 30th ~

 Our Saint Andrew’s Day Celebration


We had a great time yesterday celebrating Saint Andrew.  This is a special day in our home.  My honey choose Saint Andrew as his Confirmation patron saint.  He said he did so because he loved Saint Andrew’s zeal for the Lord.  He chose to follow Jesus and was strong in doing so.  I pray for God to continue to strengthen my honey through the intercession of Saint Andrew.

The kids and I had fun making St. Andrew Scones.




 We marked each scone with an X in remembrance of him dying on an X shaped cross.IMG_0321


They enjoyed playing with the extra dough while the scones baked.IMG_0335


Then we had a nice tea party!

I asked my honey what he wanted for his

special supper ~


My fisherman is a country boy!


We ended our day with a short clip from Jesus of Nazareth.  (Including of course St. Andrew)  We also lit our Advent wreath, sang our Advent songs, opened a door on our Advent calendar, and prayed together before turning in.


It was a wonderful end to a great day!


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